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“Leave Me And My Kids” – Hannah Turay, Kanu Ogbonna’s Baby Mama Reacts To His “Unmarried Comment”.


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Kanu Ogbonna's Baby Mama

Kanu Ogbonna’s ex, Hannah Turay is not so excited that her kids are being dragged into what she refers to as “pity arguments” – this is after both he and his wife, Laura, came out to say that he has never been married but has two kids.

His ex, the mother of his two kids, took to her page to warn the ‘adults involved‘ to respect their privacy.

She wrote;

I don’t know where this is coming from and my comment will have to be brief. I ❤ my kids and is sought of a shame and quite unhealthy for them to be seeing these pity stuff. I will suggest that both me and my kids are left out off people’s egotistic arguments. I teach them to respect other privacy and so that shouldn’t be hard for grownups too.

Kanu Ogbonna's Baby Mama

Who else smells bad blood?


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