Home Entertainment Nigerian Woman Locks Housemaid In Toilet For 20 Days

Nigerian Woman Locks Housemaid In Toilet For 20 Days


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Mercy Johnson gave a troll the epic clapback, in a manner not common to the curvy lady.

The actress shared a photo of her colleague and GLO Laffta co-host, Juliet Ibrahim on her Instagram page.

A troll took to the comment section to throw some unpalatable words at Juliet. He stated that rather than go to the church for prayers, she is wasting time in a concert.

Mercy swiftly responded as she branded the troll a foolish person.

She wrote,

‘You look foolish and you just showed everyone tha you truly are foolish…. May God help u to learn how powerful words are and how to mind your business.’

Juliet and Mercy had fun at the event where they surprised fans by snactching each others wigs, a move started by Mercy but Juliet retaliated fast.


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